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ESR was born from advance technologies.


Basic Theory of ESR


By generating ionized energy against mineral element of scales,electron spin resonator destroy scales inside of pipes and protect against stains. As compared with other method, ESR is the least energy loss and big effect is gained.


●Ionized energy directly react to scale element, such as Ca, Mg.
●Ca, Mg is ionized to resolve into water.
●As compared with other method (blue color diagram), ESR(Red color)focuses energy into the most effective ionizing spectrum of Ca, Mg.

Basic Theory of ESR


Comparison ESR vs. Other Methods

Method How Merit/Demerit
ESR Ionized energy magnetron Remove scale/stain from Outside of pipe
  • No chemical sued
  • No engineer required
  • Need electricity
  • Cost reduction
  • Effective to Celica
  • Takes time
Method How Problem
Blow Control 3 times compression blow Continuous or intermittent
  • Effect relies on water blow location
Chemical Disposal Stain-removal or scale slime chemicals used
  • Need professionals to select/dispose chamicals
  • Environment concern
  • High cost of chemicals
Electric Corrosion Sacrifice electrode or Outside voltage method Corrode minus electrode
  • High cost of voltage control
  • High risk of Corrosion
  • Need ampere control
Magnetic N/S pole has to meet with Water flow from outside
  • Not effective to Celica
  • Not constant Effect

ESR effect with big merits

From long term view, running cost reduced and facility assets can maximize the longevity.
Save energy cost
Minimize maintenance/cleaning cost to enable facility stoppage
No use of chemicals

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