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Heat Radiation Plate

Patented Melt-Alloy Compression

Melt-Alloy Compression technology is one of the processes. Melted aluminum alloy is casted into mold with high pressure, then coagulated in a short time which enables high density alloy.

Comparison with other Process

Heat Radiation Plate「ALC400」

(Heat Diffusion Ratio) More than 2 times of copper  → 2.4〜2.7p2/sec
(Heat Expansion) Less than 1/2 of copper → 7ppm/k
(Gravity) Lighter than aluminum  → 2.1〜2.3 g/cm

Use 1 :  LED Lighting Plate


Use 2: Heat Radiation Plate for Semi-conductors


Materials :
  Add aluminum, magnesium and copper on carbon

Feature :
  1. Improved materials
  2. Enabled one line production from material into plate
  3. Enabled direct plating
  4. Carbon textile plate, aluminum, copper, manesium combined.


Use 3: Plate for Power Devices(AI/C MMC) IGBT


Features :
  1. High Heat disipasion
  2. Low heat expansion good for semiconductor device/package
  3. Light
  4. Strong and anti-wearing
  5. A little difficult for machine process.

  Electric Car, Hybrid Car, Railway Car, Big Motor.


Use 4: Shower Plate (Upper Electrode of  Liquid Crystal Production


Materials :
  Alumina textile(Al2O3Pf) and alluminum alloy complex Features
  ・Production know-how is patented
  ・Stable size at high temperature of 400-500 degrees C
  ・Conventional aluminum bend more than 200 degrees C.
  ・Low temperature poly-silicon liquid crystal production
  ・Requires this product.
  ・1100mm x 1000mm size can be produced by 3000 tons press,
  ・Which is impossible with other manufacturer


Use 5:  Heater for  Semi-Conductor Production Equipment


Conventional casted heater contains air, and heat dissipation was hindered and average heating was difficult.
Also, heat dissipation ratio was low to result in heavy burden
on heater and shortened life, which is not good for semi-conductor production and liquid crystal production line in vacuum environments. In addition, heater itself made from aluminum alloy with high heat expansion and is not suitable for size safety. At 200 degrees C, the strength is unstable.
All of those issues were resolved by our patented method and products.


Use 6:  Compressor parts for Bullet Train ( Coiled Compressor)